Best Dermatologists Florida: Marta I. Rendon, MD & Founder Of Rendon Center Of Dermatology

The article highlights the research of Marta I. Rendon, M.D. and her associates at the Rendon Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine—a medical team who some consider to be the best dermatologists in Florida–about the effectiveness of a revolutionary new skin therapy, Indige.

Working in a similar fashion as a hormone patch, the Indige masks deliver botanical nutrients deep into the skin’s epidermis, literally pushing moisture profoundly into the cells. The end result is immediate hydration and rejuvenation that is long-lasting.

Indige Anti-Aging masks provide a powerful micro-peel as well, which, with continued use, can lighten and brighten the skin. The masks—activated by spraying distilled water–will improve the skin’s radiance, balance pigmentation, increase the appearance of firmness and elasticity and reduce skin roughness and texture.

Indige also makes a deep cleansing mask, which Dr. Rendon–who is considered by many to be the best dermatologists in Florida–says is a great tool in combating acne. The Indige Deep Cleansing Masks help treating skin that suffers from blemishes, blackheads and pimples, through a unique combination of salicylic acid and botanicals. It exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin which holds bacteria. Applying the masks on one’s face for 30-45 minutes once a week will result in skin that is healthy, blemish-free and well-moisturized.

“The Indige masks’ delivery system is a novel new discovery in the field of dermatology” said Marta I. Rendon, M.D.  The trendsetting dermatologist says that  patients using the Indige Deep Cleansing Mask have reported back that their skin is remarkably clean. “The masks have  increased efficacy by increasing the absorption of its ingredients, alpha hydroxy and salicylic acids, into the skin.”

Indige masks are scientifically formulated, balanced mixture of nutrients which are delivered to vessels in the skins micro-environment, increasing blood flow which helps remove toxins that damage skin cells.

“I recommend the Indige masks to all my patients” adds Dr. Rendon.  “The Anti-Aging masks are perfect for patients who want to experience better rejuvenation than what’s offered in everyday skin creams, and the Deep Cleansing ones are ideal for patients with problem skin who haven’t responded to topical acne medicine.”


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